Additional Membership administration notes:

Payment arrangements

We do not accept Credit or Debit cards due the cost of providing this facility for the small number of members who we believe would use it.  Our preferred method is by Bank Transfer - initiated from within your Bank's website, not the Member's site - to our Lloyd's Account 00644498 Sort Code 30-92-16; please ensure you include your name in the 'Information' area of your payment instruction. Alternatively, a cheque posted for the attention of the Membership Secretary to the Club - Ardleigh Sailing Club, Clover Way, Ardleigh, Colchester, Essex CO7 7PT - or as a last resort, Cash handed to the Membership Secretary or a Flag Officer.

Family Members - 2nd. Adult

If you have applied / hold a Family Membership, the system has been set up so that one of the two Adults is called the 'Family Head' and this is the record which will be used for all Renewal / Formal communications, and is also the one which holds brief details of the first 3 children - n.b. there are special arrangement is you have 4 or more! The other Adult's 'Details' should then be recorded by setting up another 'New Member' under the 'Additional Family Member' heading; this Membership will always be Free as long as the Family one is renewed. This Membership record will require a second and different email address from the Family Head. The advantages of this arrangement is that the other Adult will have their own independent Log-in, Duties / Skills and details area, their own Privacy settings, inter-member email facility, Forum entries etc.  Remember though, to set this record up initially, the Family Head must first Logout of the System so that the Membership Application screen appears correctly.

First and Additional boats

All the Membership levels that allow for the use of a boat, now have the option of including from 1 to 3 boats as part of the Membership record, which means that when you renew your Membership, the fee for these boats is automatically included in your Subscription.  However, if you get an additional boat, or will want to reduce the number of boats prior to renewal, you will need to contact the Membership Secretary who will alter the number of boats attached to your record, and if it is an increase, you will be asked for the appropriate payment.  Please note, we do not pro-rate Boat fees, or provide refunds, as they boat count forms the basis by which we pay our rent, but special rates do apply during the Winter and Frostbite series.  Please also note that the Boat fee applies if you just bring a boat to ASC, regardless of whether you store it there; regretably these are the conditions of our Lease, but if you have any queries, do get in touh with the Membership Secretary.

Frequently asked Questions and 'Common Problems'

  1. Without doubt the most common problem is members trying to pay from within the Member's site, it can only be done electronically from within your Bank's site. We do not take Credit or Debit cards because of the handling costs we would have to pay.

  2. If you are member who helps administer the Member's Site, you must come out of 'Administrator' mode before you can renew your own Membership

  3. If you want to change your Membership level, you will need to contact the Membership secretary, as once set up, this is not something you can adjust yourself because of interim billing considerations. 

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