As you will know, ASC is very much a 'Member's Club', so we all have to keep the Club running by our own efforts!  When you become a Member, you are required to agree to do at least 2 'Duties' a year - though if you can do more that will always be very much appreciated!

Nothing to lose!

When you do a Duty - as is required on at least two occasions by your Membership - if you are taking part in the Race Series then underway, your results from the best of the races you do during that Series, are used to 'Average' a result and the resulting Points are then awarded to you as though you had actually taken part, rather than being in the OOD's box or out on the Safety launch.


DutyMan was originally developed for sailing clubs, but quickly found a following among other activity clubs who rely on a roster of volunteers to run their events. Although DutyMan started out as an internet application it can now also be accessed using smart phones.

How to log onto DutyMan

Like many applications, especially those used infrequently, getting past security can be frustrating, however once logged into DutyMan, volunteering for a duty is indeed very straight forward. When you joined the Club, you will early on have been emailed your Dutyman User ID, and your password is set by you when you first log into Dutyman, if this has not happened, or if you have any queries, then do please email the Roster sectretary at who will do their best to help you.

Link straight to Dutyman here:-

  •     name  = (first name)(space)(surname)
  •     password    = (reminders automatically available if not known)
  •     press the green arrow
  •     select “Volunteer for a Duty”
  •     Using the Calendar View, select  “The Month/Year/Day for your preferred duty”
  •     select  “Volunteer Required”  (blue icon with white arrow) against OOD/Safety Helm/Crew etc.
  •     select  “Volunteer”  (located bottom, right of screen)
  •     finally, confirm your duty and log out

If after volunteering for a duty, you are unable to carry out this duty, please notify the Duty Roster Secretary by emailing and then book another duty.

Important Notes - Regardless of the duty chosen, all volunteers should be on site ready to begin their chosen duty by 09:30am on Sundays and 5.45pm on Wednesdays.

Safety Helm/Crew  - Remember to bring your sailing clothes!

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