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Within this section, you actually apply for Membership of Ardleigh Sailing Club. Please note you must scroll to the bottom of each page to find the 'Next' button to move forwards. Please make sure you have read the sections on Membership Levels and especially on Entry & Boat Fees before starting the Application process as the descriptions within the Application form are limited. We've created a PDF you can refer to while completing the process.

On this first page, chose the Membership Level that meets you needs from the list below then after clicking 'Next' at the bottom, complete the screen that asks for your email - which will become your User ID - and the now normal confirmation that you are a 'real person' by typing in the code shown.  Please note that you will not be asked for a password at this stage, as when you have completed your application you will have to respond to an email sent to the email address you have provided, and you will set your password then: note this is part of the security required by the Company providing the software we use.

Continue to the following information page and complete this as fully as possible, whilst you can always access it to change the information latter, it is obviously best if it is accurate as possible from the outset; in particular the brief narrative section about your experience is most useful when the Committee review your Application.  Make sure that you click on Next - this is especially easy to miss on the Family record as there is space for information on up to 3 children before this button - followed by 'Confirm my application' at the end of this process, and you will then be sent both an Invoice, as well as an email with a temporary password link which can then be set to one of your own choosing.  You will also be given information on how to pay - very important! - which if you do by Bank transfer (we do not accept Credit cards due to the service charge) will all hasten the process.

Finally, the email address you use does need to be one which you keep an eye on, as all Club notices, renewals etc. will come to this address, we no longer send anything by post. Note though that you are able to 'Turn off' receiving 'Circular' type emails under your privacy settings - though we do take efforts not to send too many - but you will not be able to stop Renewal and Formal emails being sent. As you would expect - but for the record - the Club will never sell the Member's email list, and we believe the standards of security adopted by the firm who run this facility (Wild Apricot) also ensure complete privacy and security of your information.

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