Quick guide on how to renew your membership

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  1. Log into your account, which is best done from the Home page; if it shows your name top right, and 'Logout', you are obviously already logged in, if not use your email address and password, if you have forgotten your password, there is a 'refresh' facility built into the system.  If you cannot remember which email account you used if you have more than one, and cannot find the renewal invitation email which you may have set to be forwarded from a dissused account, then please email membership@ardleighsc.co.uk for a reminder, or to have it changed if your original email account is now closed.

  2. When logged in, click on 'View Profile' - again top right.
  3. The screen will then change, and you will see options on the right hand side for 'Change Membership Level' and for 'Renew membership until 1st. March 2015'.
  4. If your existing Membership Level continues to suit your needs, then just click on the 'Renew Membership until...' and go to step 6 below, if you wish to change Membership level, go to Step 5 first.
  5. Should you wish to change Membership Level, click on the appropriate button, and then select the level you wish to change to; you can ignore the comment about refunds, as the new figure will only become effective when you renew your Membership, which is why it must be done first.   
  6. When you have clicked on the Renew button, the screen will then change to show your details and the renewal amount.  As of this year's renewal, the screen will also ask you to confirm that you will undertake two Duties during the course of the Club year, or ask you to contact the Commodore.  If you are prepared to do the Duties, it will ask you to indicate which type, and three dates, that are best suited for you.
  7. If you feel there is a reason why you should not do the Duties, you will need to check both the 'I will contact the Commodore box' options before it will let you proceed to the confirmation page.
  8. Again, new for this year's renewal is the ability / requirement to include the appropriate boat fees as part of the renewal process.  So just select the number of boats you have - or the 'Nil' option if you have none as the field is compulsory - and then most importantly complete the First boat details a bit lower down, and if needed the second and third boat details which are right at the bottom of the screen, past the Children details area.  It will help very considerably if you would ensure you complete at least the Boat Class and Hull colour for each boat, and the Berth number if you know it.
  9. If you would check through the other details to ensure everything is complete and correct, and when this is the case, click on the 'Save' button at the very bottom of the screen, you will need to scroll down to find this.
  10. You will then see an option to procede to 'Renew and Payment' - select this, but note that you cannot pay from within the Members site, rather you will just confirm that you do wish to renew your membership.
  11. The screen will then show that you have renewed, and will show details of how to pay, and how much is due; you will be emailed an Invoice confirming your intent to renew and asking for payment.
  12. Whilst we do accept cheques, we really much prefer it is paid by Bank Transfer which can be done from within your Banks Website.  Be it by cheque or electronic, do please ensure the member's name is clearly referenced if it is not obvious from the account holder's name.    

This should complete matters, but if you have any problems or observations, do please email the Membership Secretary at membership@ardleighsc.co.uk. You should receive a response within 36 hours.

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