Ardleigh Sailing Club Blind Auction 2017

27 Jul 2017 11:39 | Deleted user

The committee has decided to sell off a number of older club boats that have not been used much over the last few years. Members will be given the first option to make an offer for these dinghies via blind auction.

The auction starts on Friday the 28th of July and ends on Monday the 14th of August. Bidders must clearly state which boat they are bidding for, how much they are bidding and of course their name and contact details. Bids must be posted in a sealed envelope labelled 'ASC Blind Auction 2017' and posted into the club post box by 5pm on the end date. Late bids cannot be accepted.

At the end of the auction period, the highest bidder will be informed and expected to make suitable payment arrangements with the club treasurer, Richard Biggs.

Any boats that are not sold via the blind auction will be disposed of as cost-effectively as possible by the committee.

The boats are:

Wayfarer 'Apache', sail number 6118, dinghy berth J11.

Wayfarer 'Bluebottle', sail number 8301, dinghy berth J13.

Wayfarer no name, sail number unknown, dinghy berth J15.

Enterprise no name, sail number  21631, dinghy berth J10.

Additionally, member Steve Bourner would like to donate his GP14, berth J12, to another club member for free. If you are interested, please submit an expression of interest in the same manner as for the blind auction, in the same time frame. A winner will then be picked at random.

You are advised to come and have a look at these boats if at all interested.

Happy Bidding!

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