Information for Potential New Members

We are delighted you are interested in joining Ardleigh Sailing Club.  Hopefully you will already have visited the Club at a time when there are normally a few of us around - Sunday mornings throughout the year, and Wednesday evenings during the Summer are best - so that one of us can show you around and make you feel welcome.  If you have any queries of any sort, or want to arrange to see someone, do contact the Membership Secretary at or the Commodore at and we will do our best to help.

Once you are a member, you are able to use the Club and Water during daylight hours throughout the year and on all days of the week, though there are times when one or another group may have 'prime use' and you are then expected to work around them, but our grounds are extensive, so there will nearly always be somewhere for you to be able to go and have a sail, or perhaps enjoy a picnic on the foreshore allocated to the Club. However, rescue facilities are only provided during Club races, i.e. Sunday mornings nearly year round, and Wednesday evenings during the summer, and Sunday afternoons during the summer, so if you do decide to sail outside of these times, it is your responsibility to ensure the weather conditions are suitable for your skill level.

The Club is a "Member's Club", and there are no paid Staff, instead all Members are expected to try and help out with the various Duties, but also just by 'Joining in' and being active in the Club.  Along these lines, we try and provide a degree of training and support for New Members, but this is done by a team of Volunteer members, who in the main, whilst very experienced, are not themselves accredited Instructors.

The Club has a number of 'Club boats' which are provided so that we can help new Members of all ages to learn to sail, and to allow those new to the sport the opportunity to try various types of boat prior to buying one of their own, these boats do though need a Committee member around if they are to be used, so are not a long-term substitute for owning your own craft.  We do though have an extensive Dinghy park where you can store you boat, the fee for the first boat is £105 and subsequent ones are £75; please note you must pay this fee regardless of whether you keep the boat at the Club, as this count is used to establish the rent we pay to the owners of the Reservoir.

The Application Process

All of the Club's communication and administration is Internet based, and is handled through the website you are now viewing. To join the Club, you will need to complete the Membership Application and then pay the appropriate Membership and Entry fees, which you do ideally by Bank transfer from within your Banks website, or by Cheque; please note we cannot accept Credit or Debit Cards.

When you have done this and paid, the Membership Secretary will confirm to you that you have been made a Temporary Member and provide you with the current combination for our security locks so that you can gain access to the Club grounds and premises. Then, in line with our Constitution, he will display your Name, the area you live in, and the type of Membership you have applied for on the Club Notice board for a short period of time, prior to your Application being considered by the Committee at its next Monthly meeting. Once this process has been competed, and the Committee has accepted your Application, he will contact you again just to confirm you are a Full member for the Level of Membership you have applied for.

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