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Membership Overview

Within this area is information about how to join Ardleigh Sailing Club (ASC), the Membership options available and if you are already a Member, details on how to renew your Membership, change your Membership level, edit your privacy settings, etc.  Below is a very brief resume of the various sections available, click on the heading to take you to that section directly, though it can also be accessed via the Membership sub menu to the left.

Information for potential New Members

This section includes a brief overview of the Club ethos, plus a simple guide to the Application process.  We welcome all new Members, be they beginners or experienced sailors, and in all normal situations your application is a formality and you will usually be able to start to use the Club's facilities within a week of your application and you paying the appropriate dues.

Membership Levels

A description of the various Membership Levels available and their current Fee level so that you can choose the one that suits you best.  Do please read this section before you start to apply for Membership so that you can make the correct choices as you work through the Application process.

Entry & Boat Fees

Entry fees are payable on a sliding scale, according to the time of year that you join, to reflect how much of the Season remains.  A full description of the fees and the time-lines for their reduction as the Season progresses is included here.

Boat storage / use fees are payable at a rate of £100 for the first boat and £70 for subsequent craft, further details are included in this section.  Again, do please read this section before you start to apply for Membership as you will not be asked to make your selection until half way through the Application process.

Membership Application

Here you work your way through a few screens to provide us with all the basic information needed to administer your Membership of ASC, plus information on the Sailing abilities of you and any family joining with you so that we can understand the make up of the Club, important when we are applying for Grants etc.  Please note that all the data within this system is held on the Servers of the Canadian based firm Wild Apricot who specialize in providing Membership software for small Sports and Not-for-Profit organizations; there is therefore no Data held on other Member's or Club computers.  We have written some notes which you might find useful to print and have alongside, click here to access these, they are in pdf format and will open in your choice of pdf viewer.

Additional Membership Information & FAQ's

In this section is information that maybe useful after you have joined and covers issues such as Registering the 2nd Adult in a Family membership, and how to register any Additional boats you may have beyond your first.  Also included is a section covering some of  the common issues that seem to occur.

Membership Renewal

Some notes to help you renew your Membership, hopefully with less stress!

Privacy settings.

This Membership system provides considerable flexibility as to how using information is visible to other Members, and you are able to adjust this yourself using the information contained in this Section.  Please note that the 'default' settings err strongly towards privacy, and in any event, no information is available to Non-Members.

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